I definitely was not the one who invented this simple recipe, but I sure can tell you that they are such a hit anywhere I serve them! My favorite thing about this tasty treat, is not only are they deliciously attractive – but they are so EASY to do!... Want to see some more delightful creations Shannon HAS created?


Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Kabobs

What you will need:

  • Assortment of your favorite fruits (make sure to use fruits that won’t brown, like apples or bananas. I like to use pineapple, strawberries & other berries etc. as they are brightly coloured and sit well)
  • Long wooden skewers
  • 1 large milk chocolate bar (200g)

How to make them:

  • Wash & cut your fruit into about one inch chunks. (for smaller size berries, you can leave these whole. Just remove the leaves from the top)
  • Slide your fruit chunks onto your wooden skewers, and lay them side by side on a tray lined with wax paper or foil.
  • Break chocolate bar into pieces and place in a microwave safe bowl uncovered.
  • To melt chocolate, do not COOK – select DEFROST* and defrost for about 60 seconds, stirring half way. *Using defrost to melt your chocolate will avoid burning it.
  • Use a small teaspoon and drizzle melted chocolate over your kabobs

…and there you have it! Your beautiful chocolate covered fruit kabobs! I promise you they will be a favorite at any event with people of all ages!