Ruff Ruff!



Marley Brown is Shannon’s chocolate lab and absolutely loves his treats! Knowing he is a dog that loves all food and eats everything, he is definitely a connoisseur of all tastes! Here are some recipes of Marley’s favorites. These treats are made with 100% dog friendly ingredients and are sure to be a favorite for your own dog or as a gift for a fellow canine close to your heart.


Marley’s Delightful dog cookies are available by a minimum of 3 dozen. All cookie recipes are shaped as bones and come packaged in clear treat bags sealed with a bow and love! Choose from one of the following tasty recipes:

Marley’s Peanut Butter Bones:

Ingredients: water, vegetable oil, apple sauce, eggs, vanilla, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, cornmeal & oats.


Tail Waggers:

Ingredients: oats, margarine, cornmeal, sugar, beef broth, cheese, eggs & whole wheat flour.


Marley’s Party Cakes:

Doggies deserve cake on their birthdays too! Treat your furry four legged son or daughter to birthday cake on their special day! All of the ingredients from the cake to the icing are all dog friendly! Each cake is 9” round and is even topped with dog friendly icing & pecans!


Cake ingredients:

Bananas, butter, eggs, whole wheat flour, baking soda, pecans.

Icing ingredients:

Bananas, butter, carob flour*, vanilla, whole wheat flour & cinnamon.


* Carob flour is a safe (almost taste like) chocolate substitute*